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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MiniMonsterz 2 >>TigerClaw<<

Remember the mini monster truck series that I posted about yesterday?
Well it's back with a new truck, TigerClaw:

TigerClaw is a buggy type off-roader that has steering like SnakeBite but the back suspension is much much more loose. Shown in video above ^^. THe front suspension is the same in the two trucks that I've made and it will probably be the same in every single one of the MiniMonsterz series. The back suspension, however , will be different in every vehicle in the series but some of them will be very alike.

All of the parts of the MiniMonsterz trucks will be alike if not the same exact ones.


Preview: My next post will be the official MiniMonsterz rulebook so you can make your own MiniMonster truck and submit it in the contest by posting a comment with a few pictures (Min. 3 Max. 6) so I can judge them. The winner will be announced on Valentine's day.

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